TUoS charges are set to increase 40% by 2020. Can your business afford higher overheads?


Did you know that:


Argonaut Power can help by installing a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) capex-free at your facility, tailor-made for your energy needs.


At zero capital cost to you, the system starts saving your business money as soon as it is installed and connected to your site


TRIAD charges are avoided by our automated BESS management software, which reduces your grid energy use in the TRIAD periods – see the image below.




As the above example shows, even several hours per year can be extremely expensive or disruptive to your business. 

Working with Argonaut Power can deliver real benefits to your business: cost savings, greater resilience to brown-outs and black-outs and indirect benefits, such as lower inventory, smoother production schedules and happier customers


The outages effect more than 2 million people, for an average of 50 minutes.