Seamless Roll-out

Energy saving solutions,

designed and tailored for your unique company needs.

Seamless roll-out

Our promise to you

Argonaut Power’s team is highly experienced in:

  • Facility surveys and analysis of your energy usage profile
  • Construction and commissioning in busy, complicated workplaces
  • Operations and maintenance, and remote monitoring of the battery system
  • Our highest priority is for your journey with Argonaut to be as seamless as possible

This means:

  • We are 100% focussed on ensuring the project benefits you and your business
  • We will install the system with minimal disruption to your operations
  • Our delivery team will completely comply with your on-site health, safety and environmental policies
  • We will tailor the system to meet your needs, ranging from system footprint, SCADA, and connection point through to operational reports you’ll receive once the system is operational.

Customer Journey

Once the Customer’s HH consumption data has been analysed, Argonaut Power distributes a specification and installation programme to the Customer’s facility management team. Argonaut Power installs and integrates, at no cost to the Customer, the Energy Storage System (ESS) and Solar PV on site on the agreed footprint. We learn and understand your needs as a company, and endeavour to make the experience as smooth and uninterrupted as possible, limiting downtime to a minimum and avoiding disruption to your core activity.


Stage One


Argonaut Power will meet with your key staff, understanding your energy needs and operations, and analyse your meter data. Following this, Argonaut Power’s technical team will develop a fully-tailored solution to meet all your energy resilience needs, including:

  • A battery storage system completely tailored to match your TRIAD period demand
  • UPS services that meet your operational needs
  • Voltage optimisation services to match the plant that your facility operates
  • A system footprint and network connection that seamless fits into your facility and works around your facility’s operational needs

Following development of the solution, Argonaut Power will work with you to frame a commercial agreement, in which to outline the terms of the energy services. Argonaut Power’s solutions are fully funded, requiring no capital contributions from your business. We are able to work with your procurement and finance team to create an agreement that matches your requirements and policies.



Stage two


Argonaut Power will install and commission the system at your facility, in which our construction team will fully coordinate the delivery, installation and commissioning of the system. This will include coordination with third parties, as required and agreed.

As part of our seamless system rollout, Argonaut Power has a commitment to a flawless customer experience:

  • “No surprises” installation, in which we fully engage your relevant stakeholders to create an installation plan that complies with your facility’s requirements
  • Complete compliance with your facility’s onsite HSE policies and procedures  24/7 coordination with your operational and plant management staff to ensure a seamless and installation and commissioning of the system
  • Updates to your relevant team on system installation progress

Following commissioning of the system, Argonaut Power’s operations team will conduct a debriefing session with your operations staff to confirm systems operations, lines of contact and other operational matters.

Stage Three


Argonaut Power will operate, maintain and manage the battery energy storage system for the term of the agreement. This will include

  • 24/7 monitoring of system performance and status coordination
  • Clear lines of contact available to your operational and plant management staff to ensure rapid response to any queries
  • Regular updates on system performance, delivered to your relevant team and stakeholders
  • All scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on the BSS
  • Regular reviews of system performance with your team

We ensure limiting downtime to a minimum and avoiding disruption to your core activity