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Argonaut Power announces partnership with Powerstar to provide fully funded battery storage solutions and on-site renewable generation for energy conscious businesses

Argonaut Power and Powerstar have announced a new relationship that will allow them to provide fully funded battery storage solutions and on-site renewable generation for energy conscious commercial and industrial customers in response to the fast changing energy sector and the growing issues around energy cost, reliability and sustainability.

Argonaut Power is a flexible energy solution provider, delivering technology agnostic, fully funded services. Argonaut Power aims to enable commercial and industrial customers to decrease their bills through the reduction of grid charges, to improve business system resilience through Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and to reduce the customers’ carbon footprint by installing on-site renewable generation.

By developing every solution based on the unique requirements and priorities of each customer, the partnership is able to provide bespoke solutions to meet any challenge. Both businesses will work in collaboration with heavy energy users and their rigid energy demands, ideally where UPS is key to their business.

Roberto Castiglioni, Senior Investment Director at Ingenious Infrastructure, the main backer of the storage platform, and Managing Director, Argonaut Power commented: “Argonaut Power is delighted to be starting this partnership with Powerstar, a manufacturer of energy storage solutions with integrated UPS technology that has a proven track record. A key driver of Argonaut’s success is listening to customers’ needs to create solutions that go beyond the installation and management of storage assets, so incorporating Powerstar’s innovative technology will complement our unique proposition.

With the number of brownouts and blackouts increasing and energy costs continuing to rise, it is to be expected that commercial and industrial customers are exploring new avenues to become more competitive, especially in light of the current political environment. Argonaut Power can help customers improve their competitiveness via the smart use of energy.”

Powerstar, the market leading voltage optimisation and energy storage brand, manufactures behind-the-meter (BtM) energy storage solutions known as Powerstar VIRTUE, complete with its second generation UPS technology to deliver benefits beyond a traditional energy storage solution.

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Chief Executive Officer at Powerstar commented “Establishing this approved partner relationship with Argonaut Power is a crucial step for delivering solutions to clients that not only meet but can surpass their expectations by taking all the responsibility of operating the assets and placing it with Argonaut Power, who deliver a fully supported ongoing customer service package to ensure that maximum value is delivered to the end user.”

The importance of supply resilience continues to grow. Statistics from a report conducted by Centrica in 2017 highlighted that UK businesses without an energy resilience strategy are risking 17% of their revenue, equating to £2.8m each year in damages and lost opportunities[1]. Additionally, the instances of blackouts or brownouts grew 46% in 2016 compared to the number of occurrences in 2015.


Robbie Castiglioni