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Renewables | Battery storage: going behind-the-meter

Listen in as inspiratia chats with two market players about behind-the-meter battery storage – the first episode of a new webcast series in partnership with the law firm Gowling WLG

Large energy users are increasingly seeing the combination of battery storage – installed behind-the-meter – with other forms of on-site generation as a way to lock in their energy costs and combat brownouts.

But with limited revenue certainty and high competition for customers, how can investors sell – and make money from – such propositions?

To answer this question and more, inspiratia sat down with Helen Emmerson, a partner in Gowling WLG's real estate team, and Roberto Castiglioni, senior investment director at Ingenious Infrastructure and managing director of Argonaut Power.

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Article is from Inspiratia, October 2018 –

Robbie Castiglioni