55% of your bill,

is made up of non-energy

related costs


Did you know that:


Non-energy costs make up 55% of the average power bill, and are expected to increase to 60% by 2020?


DUoS (Distribution Use of System) charges are levied by your regional network operator, and have a significant impact on your electricity bill?


Peak period pricing is expected to increase by 40%  by 2020




  • You may not be aware of how much DUoS charges are costing you, but you are certainly paying them. They are either listed out in your bill, or built into your electricity tariff.
  • Unlike changing your energy supplier, you can’t change your DUoS provider. DUoS rates are determined by which region you are located in, and are not negotiable.
  • The best way to reduce the impact of the DUoS charge is to be smart with how and when your facility uses energy
  • DUoS charges vary through the week and the day. Amber and Green bands are much cheaper compared to Red Bands, with Amber Band charges being higher than the Green Band. Red Band charges can be significantly more expensive than other periods. For example, Red Band charges might be as much as 9 times the rate of Amber Band charges, depending on your location
  • Transmission Use of System (TUoS) charges also vary over the year, and the most expensive periods are designated as TRIAD periods, typically from 4 pm to 7pm. November to March. In a typical TRIAD period, you may be charged at a rate of £55 per kW used. 



DUoS Charges could be as much as 25% of your energy bill!