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Ageing infrastructure throughout the UK is putting cost pressures on network operators, who pass it onto consumers. You and your company. 




The UK grid is increasingly unreliable, with 640 blackouts in 2015 and more frequent brownouts (voltage drops). This means an increased risk of downtime for your business and possible plant damage.




Non-energy costs make up 55% of the average power bill, and are expected to increase to 60% by 2020. A battery storage solution, puts the control back in your hands.



Who is Argonaut Power
and what do we do

Headquartered in London, Argonaut Power is a battery service provider delivering real solutions to commercial and industrial energy consumers coping with the UK’s changing power landscape. These changes include a higher penetration of renewables, expansion of grid services markets, and increasing cost pressures. In an increasingly uncertain economic environment, cost savings and resilience are key drivers to maintain success.   

We specialise in the zero-cost implementation of battery energy storage systems, which will enable your business to lower your operating costs, increase your business resilience, and improve your carbon footprint. Our value proposition is that we can offer fully financed solutions so you can start saving your business money right from the start, with a seamless service experience and no-fuss installation.

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What this means for you and your business


TRIAD charges are avoided

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TRIAD charges are avoided by our automated BESS management software. Avoiding Triad charges means you can reduce your grid energy use in the TRIAD periods – to read more see image.

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UPS service for your business

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A UPS service, means that your facility will be unaffected by brown-outs or black-outs. Avoiding power outage threats to your production, means that you can reduce inventory, and honour your customer commitments.

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Seamless roll out

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Our mission is to deliver energy savings to you, quickly and efficiently. Argonaut Power can help by analysing your energy consumption, and installing a zero-cost battery system to provide a 100% tailored solution for your facility.

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Non-energy costs make up 55% of the average power bill


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